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CarbonGobbler is a product conceived and developed by GreenHatters application across the global. No matter which country you live in you will find that the product can help conserve energy use by breaking down you consumption pattern and highlighting areas for potential energy conservation thereby reduced carbon emissions and carbon footprint responsibility This is an effort to empower along with creating awareness for carbon footprint responsibility. The product has been developed to be in line with developing standards and in particular the Smart Grid. So if you are thinking smart cities, then you ought to be thinking CarbonGobbler, as it is an integral part of making the cities, its citizens and business smarter with a huge concern for the global environment. Come adopt the CarbonGobbler!!



There are two topics on every nation’s government agenda. How do we manage the energy needs of the country and how do we reduce our carbon footprint? Mankind needs energy to survive. Energy comes in many forms and among them; fossil fuel is the primary source of global energy. Fossil fuels are also a primary source for Green House Gases (GHG) and main component of GHG is Carbon. Consumption of energy in transportation and electricity generation lead the pack. CarbonGobbler focuses on these two areas and helps understand and manage it, be it for an individual or large corporates. We must own up to our responsibilities on our carbon footprint. Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina are no isolated incidents, but rather nature’s way of sending a message to mankind that we are messing with our environment.

Bottom line: Don’t mess with the environment.

Messing with our environment is a one way street, there is no going back. But there is hope; we can begin now and reduce the pace of the environment degradation. Some small steps to begin with are to acknowledge and take responsibility for the carbon footprint we generate. Once awareness sets in, it is time to act, making small life style changes to reduce the consumption of energy and slow the rate of growth of GHG damage. Use less fossil energy! Guess what? It saves you money too.

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There are two topics on every Nations Government agenda. How to manage the Energy needs of the country and how do we reduce our carbon footprint? Mankind needs energy to survive. Energy comes in many forms and among them Fossil fuel is the primary source.





CarbonGobbler addresses the areas of both personal transportation and home energy consumption.

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