Energy Survey
We have a built in survey module where you can record your complete energy use by appliances and duration of use over an agreed period of time. On completion of the survey CarbonGobbler can provide a breakdown of energy consumption by pattern of use and by appliance, and then identify key areas where you have a potential to reduce consumption, save money, and reduce your carbon footprint.

Lunch and Learn Session:
Energy Conservation A tête–à–tête

Energy is not a limitless resource which is why we have blackouts. The demand continuously outstrips the supply. Furthermore, the large pool of natural resources is slowly drying up. This program is directed at the businesses and their employees. The program aims to increase the level of conscious awareness among their staff about the need to conserve energy.

Carbon Footprint Responsibility Overview

One of the key aspects why this has gone unrecognized is because of lack of awareness. If you are aware, you will act. What we find in most cases is that we are merely subconsciously acknowledging the damage the carbon emissions are doing to the environment and the globe. This program focuses on creating a conscious awareness and competency to take action, one step at a time. This program is directed at the businesses and their employees.

Energy Strategy

It has become critical to have an energy strategy to be a sustainable business, conserve energy and reduce carbon emissions. We typically follow a 5 step process.

1. Review current situation of energy use and the sources of energy and the resultant carbon footprint responsibility.
2. Then we take steps to build a monitoring mechanism to understand the needs for energy and the cycle of energy use.
3. We are then able to identify potential areas for conservation and carbon reduction.
4. We work with you to implement a program, incorporating changes to usage pattern and taking advantage of tools and equipment to better manage you energy strategy.
5. Create systems and processes to continuously evaluate and improve your energy strategy.

We believe that a strong measurement standard needs to be incorporated, as you cannot improve what you cannot measure. 


Tell your own story

We help your team create its own and relevant messaging for your employees on how different parts of the organization are working towards energy conservation and carbon footprint reduction. These usually will lead to creating a 2 or 3 minute film using every day available equipment like mobile phones, papers, pencils, and other creative media. These become very valuable tools in the effort to create involvement and conscious awareness to reduce carbon footprint and energy use within the organization.