Solutions For The Home

CarbonGobbler addresses the areas of both personal transportation and home energy consumption. 

Using CarbonGobbler, you can account for your travel via different modes of transportation.

Using CarbonGobbler with energy bills, smart meter data, and/or just conscious observation of your meter reads, you can account for and monitor your carbon responsibility.

CarbonGobbler goes one step ahead and compares your energy consumption at home on many different parameters, be it the size of your home, members at home, number of computers, microwave oven, refrigerators, dryers, video and TV's, and many other daily appliances we use. So you are not only seeing your consumption on a weekly/monthly basis, you will be able to compare your energy use with like to like homes and offices on various other parameters. This will give you the resources to manage your consumption better, as you have the means to compare and save carbon emission. The limits to what you can compare and measure your use of energy is dependent on you and how deeply you want to analyze your energy consumption and become more carbon responsible.

CarbonGobbler will also provide you with: tips and tricks to reduce your energy consumption, reduce your carbon responsibility, and SAVE YOU MONEY.

Come Adopt the CarbonGobbler and see the difference you can make…