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Group Page

This is where you go to create and manage your groups.

a) Multiple meters such as apartment homes, offices and multi-property ownership, corporations, etc.
b) Create groups of your family members, co-worker, or just interest groups and compete.

You will need to request for permission to form groups. Create a group ID and be able to invite member to the group. At no point will any group member be able to look up any other individual account, except their own. As a member of a group you will have group privileges as accorded by your group manager.

You will as a member of a group are able to compare, compete and analyze your consumption and carbon emission against the group as a whole, or with selective references, as authorized by group managers. Each group will have a group page which will provide overall performance of each member’s in terms of energy consumption, carbon emissions and potential savings made there off. CarbonGobbler also provides analytical comparisons to help you.

Each group can run individual competition specific to the group. Not more than 1 competition per quarter and not to exceed 4 competitions a year.

CarbonGobbler will be providing inter-group comparisons from time to time with public access.

CarbonGobbler will announce competitions from time to time and criteria for participation, these will be both at individual level as well as at group levels. These results will be published on the portal with public access.

Utility Page

These pages are specifically for participating utilities. Utilities will be able to view and track usage of their consumers. This will require CarbonGobbler users to select their utility. Utilities will also be able to use the information on CarbonGobbler for detailed analysis of their customer base, from marketing, customer retention, receivable, and other financial parameters.

Please contact CarbonGobbler support for more details.