CarbonGobbler is an application brought to you from GreenHatters, available today on iOS and Android powered devices along with a strong web presence. This product was created to enhance awareness of the associated carbon footprint in transportation choices and energy consumption and serve as a tool to help curtail use of fossil fuels. CarbonGobbler lets you monitor your carbon footprint, helps you with comparison of your energy use at intricate points and national averages (USA) of consumption in a home or office, and provides users with pointers on how to potentially reduce energy consumption and save money.

So how does it work?
CarbonGobbler as your partner can help you in the journey to recognize and reduce your carbon footprint and also show you some tips and tricks on how you can do this with the least effort. 

CarbonGobbler has the capability of analyzing the electricity and transportation energy consumption portions of your carbon footprint, both for individuals and corporations. 

CarbonGobbler can help account for a very large portion of your carbon footprint. And at the same time you save money too!

Your part of the bargain: 

It is a two way street. CarbonGobbler will require your help to update your energy use and travel details. This can be done by:

1. Registering to provide basic background details.
2. Entering meter reading during different points in time during the day OR
3. Entering monthly bill details, you receive from your utility OR
4. Downloading your Smart Meter data from your utility account and uploading it to CarbonGobbler.
5. Using the transportation function to record your travels.

CarbonGobbler’s part of the bargain: 

1. We will never ask you for your name, address or phone number. We do need a valid email address to communicate with you.

Come Adopt the CarbonGobbler and see the difference you can make…